3 Top Reasons Why Custom Boxes Are Necessary For Growing Your Business


Have you ever wondered why whenever you purchase brand new shoes, pieces of jewellery or other items, they always come beautifully packaged in custom boxes? The merchants that sold those products to you understand that building a sustainable relationship with you – their customer – is an essential factor that they do not take for granted. It is a significant factor that determines the success or failure of any business. Therefore, most times, it is not all about the ‘product,’ but also has to do with ‘the way the products are delivered’ to your customer.

The next few paragraphs, therefore, will highlight the top three reasons why custom boxes are a must-have if your goal is to keep your business growing by leaps and bounds:

  1. Distinctive Brand Identity

All you need to do is to take a look around: lots of companies or brands like Amazon, John & Kira’s, John Lewis, Next, ASOS, and many others present their products in unique custom boxes. These businesses are not spending good money on these boxes just because they can, but to instil a sense of appeal and passion to their esteemed customers. You can attest to the fact that the unboxing process of a new product is somewhat rewarding, but what makes your Brand or business more identifiable are the custom boxes you use in packaging your products.

If the design of your custom boxes is very appealing or eye-catchy, you can bet good money that your customers will find it extremely hard to trash them. Most will prefer to keep those boxes around, and this helps in polishing and reflecting your brand identity in good light. What better way to get a lifelong advertisement – without paying a penny on ads – than word-of-mouth advertisement or recommendations to friends and family?

  1. Crowd Puller

Customers that do business with you over your competitor choose to do so for several reasons which are beyond the scope of this write-up. However, when you put more thought into the packaging of your products, it shows your customers that you genuinely care about their needs and not just after their money. Custom boxes are customer magnets that pull in new customers while enhancing the thrill or excitement of getting the product you purchased. Additionally, delivering your products in custom boxes help to create positive experiences for your customers, especially if you run an eCommerce store which has a limited physical business-customer interaction. Therefore, custom boxes can be utilised as a useful marketing technique for drawing in more prospective customers.

  1. Budgeting Problems

The way you package and deliver your products to your customers does not only affect business-customer relationships but also goes a long way in deterring or improving your budget. Custom boxes enable you to package your products using well-sized and appropriate boxes that severely limit the chances of damage if roughly handled during delivery to your customers. Using large boxes to package small-sized products will lead to spending more on additional protective bubble sheaths or wraps to minimise the risk of any form of damages.

Transport is also a factor as you may save money using boxes you have to hand and end up paying more for postage!

In conclusion, custom boxes help to boost your product’s appeal as well as increase the visibility your products. Therefore, investing a few pennies in buying the right-sized boxes will give your business or brand a new life for a long time to come.


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