Trends in the Cardboard Box Industry

Overview The corrugated packaging market is proliferating, aided by the rapid growth of e-commerce and innovative in digital printing technology The corrugated packaging market is expanding faster than ever, over against predictions that forecast a slowdown. The expected downturn in demand in China including the banning of contaminated recycled paper stocks has not materialised. E-commerce…

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Christmas Packaging Design

Packaging design is constantly evolving and throughout the years, designers really have been thinking outside the box. The festive period is a time for creativity and many companies channel this creative phase into their packaging design. Perhaps you would like to create a limited edition box to mark this festive period for years to come…

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Christmas Packaging Trends 2018

The concept of Christmas has been around all of our lives. So much so that throughout our lifetime, whether you have realised it or not, Christmas packaging trends have developed substantially. We are all about staying current and future proof with everything that we do, which is why we have chosen to focus on 2018…

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Christmas Packaging Ideas

How ready are you to serve the packaging needs for your customers during the festive season? Presents come in so many shapes and sizes, which is why your boxes should also (we always advocate using the #rightsizebox). How many boxes do you have available for your customers? At a time like Christmas presentation is more…

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Let The Festivities Begin

The Christmas period is upon us once again. This is the time of year when we start to think about sending presents to family and friends, which quite often means for businesses, finding the right packaging to help get packages safely from A to B. With many more families now living apart and quite often…

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On The Move – Quickbox Can Help

Moving Box Options Whether you are looking to buy moving boxes, home move boxes, cardboard boxes for packing, cheap moving boxes, large moving boxes or cardboard storage boxes with lids, here at Quickbox, we can help you find the packaging solution to fit your needs. The Pallet Box is just one of the many options…

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Cardboard Box Logistics Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

With Halloween looming and often being viewed as a scary time, we thought that we would cover what could be seen as the scary side of logistics, and put your thoughts to rest. Whether you have just started out and are about to launch your product or service, or have been running for years and…

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Custom Printed Boxes – The Quickbox Way

When Was Printing Invented? 3000-1000BCE in Ancient Babylonia, people used signet stones dipped into pigment to create their signatures, which is seen nowadays as an early method of gravure printing. To think that stones used to be used makes us realise how far the industry has come. But what technology do we use at Quickbox…

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