Christmas Packaging Design

Packaging design is constantly evolving and throughout the years, designers really have been thinking outside the box. The festive period is a time for creativity and many companies channel this creative phase into their packaging design.

Perhaps you would like to create a limited edition box to mark this festive period for years to come and create unique designs?

If this is the case, we have all of the tools, knowledge and festive spirit at our HQ to make this into a reality, at this very special time.


Personalisation has been a big trend for 2018 and this is projected to continue in 2019. When thinking about personalisation, it is important to first consider the purpose of your box. Is its purpose to send one item or several? Is it for a Christmas hamper box? A Christmas gift box? Would you like your customers to be able to use your box as Christmas boxes storage, or even storage when it isn’t Christmas? After all boxes aren’t just for Christmas.

Before setting out to design anything, you should always think, why am I doing this? Just like we did when we set up Quickbox, we thought why are we doing this? This then means that at every stage of business development we are able to refer back to our purpose, like you will be able to for your packaging designs.

Once you have determined this, we suggest that you think about 3 main factors when it comes to your Christmas Packaging Designs…

Packaging Shape

A big part of design and aesthetics in packaging is the shape of the box. With boxes now evolving from having equal shaped walls to a variety of shapes, we are keeping up with the moving trends, but are you? As identified in our choosing the right box for your product blog, it is important to think about customer delivery in terms of damage control, storage, the size of the product and how fragile your product is.

As well as these factors, at Christmas, you also need to think about the shape of your packaging in terms of the festive feel. Please note that square boxes are stronger than rectangular, however, you may want to mix it up. You could go with your usual square box and change this into a present or a rectangle and create a cracker design. The possibilities are endless.


Packaging Size

Another factor to consider with packaging design is the size of the box that you require. For this you can think about the contents of the box as well as its delivery capabilities. We create boxes of all sizes, thanks to our customer box calculator and tailored made services. No product is the same, so why would its packaging be?


Packaging Design

Once you have decided on the shape and size of your packaging (the practicalities) you can then start to think about the fun bit, design. Firstly, like any artist, you need to think about the size and shape of the canvas that you are working with and in this case, the overall dimensions of your box. You can then start to think about the design. Reindeer? Snowman? Present? Cracker? Check out our packaging ideas or our Christmas packaging trends to give you a sprinkling of inspiration.

If you are unsure about what you would like, one thing you do know for sure is that your design will be high quality and crisp thanks to our state of the art printer.

No customer is the same and you may have a clear design in your mind but are unaware of how to put this into fruition. Our team of packaging experts are here to discuss the technicalities with you, that is what we are here for.

There is a lot to think about with packaging design, especially at Christmas when you have several packages to send out to your customers. Due to how important this time of year is for you and your business, it is likely that you require reassurance when it comes to choosing the right packaging company for you. That is why we are giving you three (of many) options why you should chose Quickbox


We work with a variety of companies day in day out, which means that no matter how complex your packaging design is to stand out this festive season, we have the knowledge to make your design a reality.


We Care

We genuinely care about you and your business and about helping you to make an impact throughout the year, but especially at Christmas.


We Love Christmas

Christmas is a time to bring people together and to put a smile on peoples faces. We work closely with you to bring you closer to your customers with your packaging solutions. We also aim daily, not just at Christmas to put a smile on the faces of the people we work with.

Wrapping Up

Still looking for more festive inspiration? We have Christmas packaging ideas for you as well as a look at Christmas packaging trends 2018, where we give a sneak peek on our 2019 packaging trend projections.

We hope that your Christmas packaging ideas are coming together, but if you need any other assistance with bringing your magical designs to life, we are always a phone call or email away.

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