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When Was Printing Invented?

3000-1000BCE in Ancient Babylonia, people used signet stones dipped into pigment to create their signatures, which is seen nowadays as an early method of gravure printing.

To think that stones used to be used makes us realise how far the industry has come. But what technology do we use at Quickbox HQ?

Quickbox Printing

Here at Quickbox, we have a full-colour digital inkjet printer on site. Not just any old printer, the printer is a robust unit operating system with an automatic infeed and outfeed for ease of use.

As described in our video, our new printer has been functioning in our factory since the end of April 2018 and has vast printing capabilities, with state of the art equipment which allows us to print high quality and diverse designs. Would you expect anything less from a company that prides itself on providing the best?

Printing On Cardboard

You can imagine that printing on the cardboard box is slightly different to printing on paper, due to not only the thickness of the material but other features that come with it. That is why our printers are built to cope with different thicknesses and materials so that printing on cardboard happens with ease and precision.

Printing Speed

Utilising twin print heads means speeds of up to 500 square metres an hour can be achieved. Imagine how many companies that enable us to help and make happy on a daily basis.

Solid Colour Or Vignettes

Our state of the art printer allows us to print both solid colours and vignettes.
We appreciate that a vignette isn’t common knowledge, so here is our explanation of what is a vignette… A vignette refers to the reduction in brightness or saturation when looking sideways on a design compared to the centre.

The capabilities of our printer mean that solid colours are strong and vignettes are smooth. Custom designs are deep and bold colours are quickly laid down. This allows for high contrast printing ensuring that you are creating maximum impact possible.

“Buying Packaging on-line should not mean less choice. We aim to put you in control when procuring #TransitPackaging that delivers your product intact and your brand message enhanced regardless of the quantity required.” Quickbox HQ

There are no limits on what we can print here at Quickbox HQ, but to give you a rough idea of what we can do for you, here is a list:

  • Refreshingly clear images
  • Hazard warning images
  • Product sketches
  • QR or barcodes

Colour Printing, How Does It Work?

In order to be able to print in colour, it is necessary to use three primary ink colours, as well as black. You can pretty much create any colour by mixing together different amounts of red, green and blue light, but that’s predominantly for television colour. When talking about coloured inks, that is a whole different ball game.

Coloured inks work by subtracting colour instead of mixing. They cleverly absorb bits of the light that falls onto them and manage to reflect the rest of colour into our eyes.

CMYK Printing

The full-colour printing process is often referred to as the four colour process or CMYK printing.

But what does CMYK stand for? The letters refer to the colours that make up the printing process; cyan, magenta, yellow and “key”, meaning black in printing terms.

Custom Printed Boxes No Minimum

You will be pleased to know that there is no minimum order quantity for our custom printed boxes. We love working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, like our boxes, which is why we didn’t want to restrict the order quantities, restricting who we could potentially work with.

As well as not having a minimum printing quantity, we equally don’t require any upfront costs ensuring that you are fully happy with your end product.


Print Week announced that a new era for printing on cardboard had begun in May 2018. The printing industry is constantly evolving. Like everything we do here at Quickbox, we ensure that we are consistent with the times and the technology available. That is why we know, no matter the industry changes with printing, we will ensure that we continue to maintain our thirst for improvement and evolution.

Interested in finding out more about other aspects of our business and not just the printing? Why not use our custom box calculator or contact us today.

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