Finding the Right Sized Boxes for Your Products

We have all had this happen to us at some point when ordering products online. The shipping carrier shows up at our door with one of the largest boxes that we have ever seen. What could it be? We ordered electric toothbrush refills from Amazon, could they have possibly gotten the order wrong and sent us a thousand of them?

    Concern takes over as we accept the package and begin to cut along the tape to see what’s inside. Once open, and to our relief, the box if full of packing material and a small parcel is sitting in the bottom containing our tooth brush refills. For us, it really isn’t an issue, although we do have to recycle that large box. But for the seller, that seems like a lot of wasted space and it could cost more in shipping rates to send a larger box over one that is more size appropriate.

    Small business owners need too be concerned about every dollar they spend and choosing the right size shipping boxes for their products can add up to a lot of savings very quickly. How do you know what size boxes you need for your products and where can you get quality shipping and packaging boxes that meet your needs? Let’s take a look:

Choosing the Right Sized Box

    Whether you are shipping out single products and need boxes that are sized to fit, or you need boxes to package and sell your products such as glassware, electronics or other products, choosing the right size box is important.

Measure Your Products

    First, begin by measuring your products. Measure like-sized products together in one group and mismatched sizes into another. This will give you some accurate measurements to calculate a standard box size.

Calculate Box Size

    You will want to find a standard box size that will fit most of your most popular selling products. This ensures that you will save money and storage space when purchasing shipping and packaging boxes. Then you want to look at the mismatched products and choose a box size, or sizes, that can accommodate your products without being too large. That way, you can save on shipping costs as well.

Order Your Boxes

    Finally, contact your shipping and packaging box supplier with your measurements and see what they have to offer. You will want a shipping box that leaves enough room for packing material so your products remain safe and are delivered undamaged, and a packaging box that fits your products snugly to as to assure they don’t rattle around. This is very important for glassware, electronics and other breakable items.

    Using these tips, you will be able to accurately choose boxes that suit your needs and the needs of your products. To order boxes for your small business, contact QuickBox today.

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