Key Dates – 2019

Key Dates

There are some Key Dates in the next few Months and it is worth highlighting them here as they all all lead to extended lead times and delay on the transport network.

Brexit Day: 31st October

Brexit Day is a once-off and obviously not cast in stone although the fact that it falls on Halloween should see it having an effect on Sales. Halloween itself was bigger than Valentines Day in 2018. Because of Brexit uncertainty a lot of e-tailers are looking to ensure that their stocks are full at this point.

Singles Day: “Double 11″ – November 11th”

Singles Day started in China and has rapidly spread across the globe, being named as the biggest shopping event the world has ever seen. Just because this shopping frenzy originated in China do not be mistaken! IMRG surveyed 1,200 retailers from 8 different countries and 12 global markets, from this they found out that 78% of shoppers bought from US websites, 72% from the UK, Australia, Germany and France, and 70% from Japan (Think of it as Black Friday come early!)

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: November 29th – December 1st

Black Friday was originally an American shopping holiday, though as the practice of e-commerce has risen in recent years, the phenomenon has spread to become an international event. ,

The shopping holiday after Thanksgiving consists of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. These days mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and give a major boost to retailers all across the nation.

Last year this four-day shopping event brought in £7 billion for UK retailers. And what’s even better, Black Friday & Co. don’t target a specific audience like Mother’s Day or back-to-school.

Anything and everything can participate in a Black Friday sales event. With great deals and smart advertising, you can ensure shoppers flock to your store instead of the competition.

Christmas: December 25th

To round the retail rush off we have Christmas, of course. Christmas shoppers tend to hit online stores around the middle of the month (16th – 18th), so try to build these dates into your marketing and sales strategy.

The end-of-year holidays are a gold mine for retailers. Anything can make a great Christmas present, which means that just like with Black Friday, no retailers have to sit out the greatest shopping event of the year.

Eye-catching marketing campaigns and discounts can go a long way as does branded packaging. Last year lead times on our manufacturing hit 14 Days. We don’t expect it to be quite so high this year due to improved efficiencies but who knows?

Winter Sales: December 26th -into the new year!

A tradition from the High Street, this opportunity to get what Santa forget remains popular! Delivery can be difficult at this time of year and there is always the possibility (hope) of snow causing transport disruption.

Returns: December 26th – into the new year!

This is especially true for Boxing Day (December 26), when consumers take to the shops with renewed force to exchange unwanted Christmas presents, or catch an unmissable deal on a product Santa forgot to bring.

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