Make it Wow!

“I am too old for Birthdays” said nobody with sincerity.

Moreover, rooted in that depth of feeling is the excitement and anticipation of receiving a package and not knowing what is inside

This is ‘unboxing’; the satisfaction experienced by the intelligent and attractive presentation of consumer items.

No longer a once a year experience but with the ever-increasing growth of eCommerce a marketing tool you ignore at your peril!

To be remembered by your customers, ensure that your presentation is a vital aspect of that experience.


Answer this one question;

Do you feel more valued when your online purchase arrives in a generic cardboard box, or in attractive, printed packaging?

The product inside is identical, but the perception of the brand given by these two examples is miles apart.

One the hand, you have a product. On the other an experience. (And one that offers all the positive attributes of the brand; detail, value, and care) moreover, in the process, a one-off opportunity is turned into a revenue stream!.

People are drawn to products in packaging that looks good because visual stimuli have the most significant impact on what we perceive.  The experience releases dopamine in the brain, the hormone responsible for reward-seeking behaviour like impulse buying!

Plain packaging, on the other hand, is meh.

What does the Unboxing experience do for your Brand:

  • It controls the narrative.
  • Identifies your company with clarity
  • Reinforces to your customer that they made the right choice.
  • Establishes an emotional connection

A great brand story includes:

  • Your history or provenance
  • A compelling Vision
  • The companies USP (Unique Sales Proposition)
  • What you guarantee your customers.

Give customers tangible proof of your values you hold dear.

Unboxing builds customer loyalty.

We all know the old Maxim; you only get one chance to make a first impression! In eCommerce, that lingering impression is just as important.


It makes economic sense to build long-term customer relationships.

In practise, this is more complex than it sounds according to a study by Bain & Company, the retention rate can be as low as 25% amongst “satisfied” customers.

It is that extra ‘wow factor’ that sets you apart!

Your customers may be happy with your products but underwhelmed by the experience.

Putting together a great unboxing experience does not need to be expensive. The return easily justifies the cost. Moreover, the opportunity to link your product with the world of Social Media is HUGE!

Social Media and unboxing,  a match made in heaven! Don’t believe us? Just search unboxing on YouTube.

‘Unboxing’ has become its genre with a cult following on sites such as YouTube.

Get your Brand out there!

A video of someone ‘unboxing’ your product allows your brand to massive reach to markets that may have been difficult to reach otherwise.


Follow the steps below to Create the Perfect Unboxing Experience

  1. Use branded boxes.

No ordinary box, YOUR Box, YOUR Brand, your Brand should be instantly recognised in the Couriers hand. Consistent colour and impact from Website to Final Mile.

  1. Use environmentally friendly packing material.

Your customer ultimately has to recycle the packaging so concentrate on using a product that is widely recyclable, otherwise there is risk you go viral or get remembered for the wrong reasons.

Parade your ethics and social responsibility.

  1. Use the #rightsizebox

Your presentation inside the box is as important as the outside! Hold items in place with inserts, but don’t be tempted to try the one size fits all and fill it up with loose fill approach so loved by Amazon. #packagingfail

Think about the size and shape of the product and the boxes; you are using.

     4. The personalised touch

Use limited-time designs, seasonal offers and areas for handwritten notes. The use of digital printing means that shorter runs can be obtained quite quickly and your Brand can continue to Wow!

May you have Many Happy Returns!

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