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Boxed Paper Void Fill | 375mm x 350m
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Enhance product protection and prevent transit damage with our eco-friendly Boxed Paper Void Fill. Safeguard your items during shipping with ease. This Eco Friendly Bubble Wrap alternative not only ensures the safety of your products but also aligns with environmental responsibility. Embrace a packaging choice that prioritizes both protection and sustainability, providing peace of mind for you and a positive impact on the planet.

Width: 375 mm
Length: 350 Meters

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    Boxed Paper Void Fill | 375mm x 350m

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    Discover the perfect solution to fortify your shipments and protect your products with our eco-friendly Paper Void Fill. This versatile packaging material serves a dual purpose: it provides an additional layer of cushioning to your items and effectively fills the empty spaces within the shipping box, it's essentially Eco Friendly Bubble Wrap!

    Our Void Fill is designed to be both protective and environmentally conscious. Crafted from sustainable materials, it offers a reliable barrier against shocks, bumps, and vibrations that can occur during transit. This extra layer of protection ensures your products arrive at their destination in pristine condition, reducing the risk of damage or breakage.

    What sets our Void Fill apart is its ease of use. It can be effortlessly crumpled, twisted, or folded to conform to the shape of your products and fill gaps within the shipping box. This minimizes movement during transit, preventing items from shifting and colliding with each other, ultimately reducing the risk of damage.

    Choose our Paper Void Fill to enhance the safety of your shipments while also making an environmentally responsible choice. It's the perfect complement to your packaging arsenal, ensuring that your customers receive their orders in top-notch condition, every time.


    • Substance: 65 gsm +/- 5%
    • Burst: 130 kPa
    • Moisture: 6-8%
    • COBB: 100 gsm/60 secs
    • Porosity: 25 secs/100ml
    • Width: 375 mm
    • Length: 350 Meters 

    Grip PaperFill Eco Paper Void Fill™ is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste based paper with added chemicals, which is itself 100% recyclable after use. It is emphasized that all chemicals are present as trace elements are not considered hazardous under COSHH regulations. We confirm that this product conform to the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations SI 2015 No. 1640.

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