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Welcome to our Interactive FEFCO Guides! Here, you will find comprehensive information on various FEFCO box styles, each designed to meet specific packaging needs. Click on the links below to explore detailed descriptions, features, applications, and assembly instructions for each box style.

Interactive FEFCO Guides!
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The 0201 box style features flaps that meet in the middle, providing a standard solution for various packaging needs. Learn more about its design and ideal applications.

The 0203 box style offers fully overlapping flaps for extra protection, making it perfect for heavy or protruding products. Discover its unique benefits and uses.

Also known as a telescopic box and lid, the 0300 style consists of two 0200 style boxes that slide over each other, accommodating products of different sizes.

Popular in the art industry, the 0401 box style, or Maltese Cross, is ideal for wrapping prints and frames. Learn about its simple assembly and protective features.

The 0409 box style, known as a five panel wrap or side seal wrap, is perfect for narrow products like worktops and flat-packed furniture. Explore its economical packaging method.

Similar to the 0409, the 0411 box style is taped down the middle, making it easier for packers but with a risk of product damage during opening.

A versatile folder-type box made from a single piece of board, the 0452 style can include locking tabs, handles, and display panels. Discover its various applications and assembly steps.

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