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This is the Quickbox video page, these are all the video's we have done that haven't been created in Clint's Corner. Whether you're looking for informative videos or just a bit of fun - the below provides some useful information and instruction as well as an insight into the jolliness here at Quickbox!


There’s so many options, and so many factors to consider. Watch Yarl explain some of the main criteria for choosing the correct board grade for your product!


Plastic-free paper void fill is our environmentally friendly solution to bubble wrap and other traditional protection products🤩🌳🐢🌎 Used with bespoke cardboard boxes, void fill helps to ensure total protection of your products during transit, hugely reducing the chance of product damage.

Have a Hannah that needs to be packaged?? Our 0201 pallet box is the perfect option! It’s a standard box on steriods, and it’s the easist of our range to assemble…


Take advantage of packaging to promote your brand! Whether you decide on just a logo print or a full wallpaper print box, its the best way to get your name in front of your customers! We believe that every box should be printed and know you would benefit from adding print to your boxes.


Are your boxes difficult to handle? Did you know that you can add handholes to your box quickly and easily!

Needing an effective, easy to assemble cardboard corner for protecting your products? We’ve got the solution… Simple to put together, cardboard corners add an additional layer of protection , they come in two sizes and are 100% recyleble!


Are courier manual handling surcharges costing you too much? Bespoke boxes provide an effective protection solution, whilst helping to cut down on costs.


Watch Lorna explain how simple changes recently to a customers box style hugely decreased the volume of cardboard wastage per box whilst also decreasing our customers costs.

If you’re looking to find a packaging solution with minimum hassle, Quickbox is your answer! Yarl explains in this video our fast process to get you the right boxes for your products.


Do the options confuse you? Board grade? Paper grade? Box style? Box size? Single wall? Double wall? Printed? Plain? Brown board? White board?


Considered paper tape? Whether you prefer plain, printed, reinforced, brown or white, one thing that’s guaranteed is paper tape performs just as well as plastic tape, whilst helping to protect our beautiful planet!! 🌏🌳🌷🌻😍

Short of time? Feeling under pressure? Needing boxes? The Quickbox team will make buying boxes quick and easy!


Have you considered double wall board? If you currently use single wall board for your packaging and damage during transit is a problem for you, maybe you should!


Needing boxes for products which differ in size? This video shows how our customer uses a telescopic box to pack their surfboards. Could this be the solution for you?

Be 100% assured that your box will fit correctly, with our free design and sample service!


Looking for a way to protect heavy and bulky products during transit? or for a method to pack products in bulk? Quickbox can offer pallet boxes in any size, style or board grade to suit your product.


Quickbox specialise in manufacturing boxes for bulky products – in any style, size or grade. We make the process quick and easy too, saving you the hassle!

Some great feedback from a customer and a perfect example of what Quickbox does best. Thanks BOFI RACING LTD for sharing this with us!


Meet the Quickbox team – we are a team with personality, we have fun and genuinely care! We’re specialists in manufacturing large, heavy duty boxes for bulky, heavy or awkward items.


Spending excess time packing your products? Experiencing damage due to ill-fitting boxes? How does your product look when it reaches your cutomer? Our aim at Quickbox is to provide each of our customers with unique packaging solutions perfectly suited to their products. Watch as we run through the process of identifying the problem, measuring the product correctly, drawing the box, cutting the sample, and then checking the fit. Get in touch, it’s simple!😊

The 0200 pallet box is used a lot in the bulk processing industry. Manufacturers of cereal, pet food and powder chemicals use these in production and for WIP.


Quickbox specialise in manufacturing large, heavy duty boxes for bulky, heavy or awkward items. Check out the video to find out more.


Live plants are a logistical challenge due to their variable size and shape. At Quickbox we have developed a range of boxes to address these challenges. This video shows a solution to a prickly plant delivery. If you are in the business of shipping plants you should be speaking to us!

If you are wanting to reduce your plastic dolav use and the need for washdown equipment this is the pallet box for you. This is our stackable cardboard pallet box, it is a great alternative to plastic palletainers.


We have a variety of box styles that suit the Art and Picture Frame industry. In this video our customer Tiffany Anna packs up one her brilliant canvas’s.


Hannah showing some great options for packing live plants, with hand holes, air holes and tying holes.

In this video Hannah explains why this box style is the best way to pack artwork and picture frames.


Adding custom details to your product packaging shows your customers you really care. Small touches like using the right size box helps to reduce cardboard waste and greatly improves your customers opening experience.We make buying custom boxes quick and easy so let us now what you need and we’ll sort it out.


Die cut boxes are the ultimate choice for presentation boxes, as they can be formed to almost any shape so are easily customisable to your needs. To cut down on void fill we can add die cut inserts to hold your product neatly. This greatly improves your customers openig experience.

Adding print to your boxes is a great way to showcase your brand! We digitally print in-house which makes the process quick and easy. Let us know what you want and we’ll add it to your next box order😊


With so many box options here’s some of the styles that are best suited to
packing large and bulky products. All boxes we produce are bespoke made,
hence such a perfect fit to our kitchen bin😌


FEFCO Box Styles

FEFCO code is the internationally applied system for corrugated packaging design. It contains the design of the most common box types with a code number assigned to each design. This video shows the 0200 Box style.


FEFCO code is the internationally applied system for corrugated packaging design. It contains the design of the most common box types with a code number assigned to each design. This video shows the 0201 Box style.

FEFCO code is the internationally applied system for corrugated packaging design. It contains the design of the most common box types with a code number assigned to each design. This video shows the 0203 Box style.


FEFCO code is the internationally applied system for corrugated packaging design. It contains the design of the most common box types with a code number assigned to each design. This video shows the 0300 Box style.


These clip shows how a FEFCO 0411 folds. This versatile wrap is ideal for transit packaging and collation. Sealed with parcel tape. Ideal for flat packaging

The FEFCO 0320 is the first of our range of base and lid products. Sealed in the same way as a standard carton this is ideal for double layered strength on the sides of the box.


This clip shows the versatile folds of a FEFCO 0409. This wrap is used to consolidate loose items or protect frames. (Ideal for flat products)

This clip shows the popular FEFCO 0427 presentation box. Ideal for e-commerce and sample packs. Can be printed in side and out.

This short clip shows how a FEFCO 0501 Tray folds up. This can be used as a basic tray or a base and lid for a Pallet Box.


This short clip shows how the 0501 Sleeve folds. Ideal for a strengthing sheet in an 0201, as a sleeve in a Sleeve, Cap and Tray or as a Wrap on a Pallet.



Watch as Hannah reveals our final prize draw winner of 2022! Remember the winner this time receives a festive hamper full of snacks, drinks and chocolate. Enjoy!

Watch Hannah reveal October’s Prize Draw winner. The prize is a £50 voucher to spend at Beeble.Buzz


Watch Hannah reveal September’s lucky prize draw winner – find out who
won the £50 voucher to spend at Simply2Pets!


Happy 30th Hannah Smith! There is only one Hannah (thankfully) and she has just turned 30! We hope you enjoyed your caterpillar cake 🐛…He’s called Clinton, just to avoid any controversy 😄

Can you beat our time? At Quickbox we have a name to live up to, Check out our instant box quote calculator on our website…it’s so quick and easy!


And the winner is….. Watch Clint reveal the lucky winner of the £100 voucher to spend with The Crafty Couple. Thanks to everyone who ordered last month – this months prize will be announced soon!!


Congratulations to Barry Hall Installations for being the lucky winner of July’s Prize draw, for a £50 voucher to spend at Abstract House.

Congratulations to Kelvin Power Tools for being the lucky winner of June’s Prize draw, for a £50 voucher to spend at BARSOUTDOORS.


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