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Pallet Boxes

Explore Efficient Logistics Solutions with Quickbox Pallet Boxes, that come in a Wide Range of Styles!

Pallet Boxes, or "boxed pallets" as they're sometimes known, provide a cost and time effective alternative to dispatching your products in several smaller containers. Also known as Palletainers, Dolavs, Meatainer, Octabin, Gaylord, Pallet Bins or Bulk Containers, these "pallets with boxes" are a great way to send out bulk quantities of unpackaged products, large bulky items, valuable goods and much more.

Getting your items packed in "boxes for pallet" and ready for shipping abroad will be simple and trouble-free with our range of export-ready pallet boxes. We manufacture a wide range of quality cardboard pallet boxes, including "box on pallet" options and "pallet with boxes" styles, in any size and a number of styles which we dispatch in days. All of our pallet boxes can have access flaps or hand holes added to them. All of our standard pallet boxes, or "pallet with box" as they are also referred to, arrive flat packed. The Quickbox system is the best way to load "pallets with boxes", this approach not only saves your team time but also saves you money on postage!

Sleeve, Cap & Tray

£7.73 per box*

These boxes are:

  • Great for heavier items such as, bags of cat litter and cement.
  • Easy to load heavy products
  • Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets.
  • Can be supplied with pallets
  • Largest Size 1500 x 1000 x 1400mm
  • Supplied flat packed

To order a sleeve, cap & tray, get in touch and we will advise further.


0201 Pallet Boxes

£9.15 per box*

These boxes are:

  • Extremely quick to assemble
  • Great for bulky products such as cushions, clothing, footballs.
  • Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets.
  • Largest Size 1500 x 1000 x 1400mm
  • Supplied flat packed

For an 0201 pallet box, add your dimensions to our instant box quote and select box type ‘0201 Standard Carton’


0201 Pallet Boxes 

(with re-enforced corners)

£14.12 per box*

These boxes are:

  • Extremely popular in the food industry where re-enforced corners allow them to be double stacked.
  • They are re-usable
  • They are supplied flat packed with postal tubes.
  • Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets
  • Largest Size 1500 x 1000 x 1400mm

To order an 0201 pallet box with reinforced corners, get in touch and we will advise further.


0200 Pallet Boxes


£7.27 per box*

These boxes are:

  • Great for heavier items
  • Open top boxes are great for automatic filling lines where product is poured into the box and liner.
  • Used for products like cereals, plastic injection mouldings etc.
  • They can be bought on their own or with a lid. 
  • Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets
  • Largest Size 1500 x 1000 x 1400mm
  • Supplied flat packed

For an 0200 pallet box, add your dimensions to our instant box quote and select box type ‘0200 Open Top Carton (no top flaps)’

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£14.32 per box*

Octabin boxes are:

  • Designed for the distribution and storage of bulk, loose fill products, such as powder, grains, plastic pellets.
  • The octagonal shape consists of a base, sleeve and lid which is easily erected.
  • The design of the packaging, with 8 corners, increases the stacking strength.
  • Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets
  • Supplied flat packed

To order an octabin, get in touch and we will advise further.

*All prices are subjective to your requirements. This shows the price of a 1200 x 1000 x 800mm box in 150 KTBC, and a quantity of 150.

**As above. Also, the corner tubes are not part of the price given – so are an additional cost.

How to order

Get in touch

Input your box specifications into our Instant Box Quote, select the print option (or not if you want it plain), and upload your artwork. From the cart you can either send yourself the quote or place the order directly.

Confirm Artwork

(If you don't require printing skip this step)

Once the order is placed we use the artwork you upload to create a print proof. If you need help creating the artwork, let us know and we'll create it for you.

Start Production

Once you are happy with the box spec and/or the print proof, the final design is approved, and the production process begins!

Receive Delivery

We will ship your new wonderful boxes to the place of your choice, anywhere in the UK!

Board grades

The board grade you decide to use for your box will depend on the product you are packing. If you are packing something like cushions, we would suggest a heavy-duty single wall board. But if it is fresh meat, we would recommend extra heavy-duty double wall. We supply single wall and double wall board in several different grades if you are not sure what grade is right for you, please contact the team to discuss your needs.


All our cardboard pallet boxes are supplied in a collapsed format and are very easy to assemble. Our fast lead times mean that you can have your pallet boxes within a week of ordering them in exactly the right size for your application.


We have access to a range of pallets in euro and standard sizes, meaning there are no "pallet with box" or "box on pallet" situations that we can't handle! These can be new or second hand, 2 way or 4 way, heat treated or standard. In addition, the sleeve cap and tray pallet boxes can be supplied nailed to the pallets, which makes for easy assembly.

Maximizing Efficiency with Boxes for Pallets


Our dedicated range of "boxes for pallets" is specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of your logistics and storage solutions. Whether you are shipping small components or large, bulky items, our boxes are tailored to fit perfectly on standard pallets, ensuring secure and stable transportation.

Combining Pallets and Boxes for Ultimate Convenience


Understanding the importance of integrated solutions in logistics, we offer combined "pallets and boxes" packages. This service is ideal for businesses looking for a one-stop solution for their shipping and storage needs. Our matched sets of pallets and boxes ensure that you receive perfectly compatible components for your supply chain operations.

Customized Pallet for Boxes Solutions


Recognizing that every business has unique needs, we also provide customized "pallet for boxes" solutions. This service is designed for those who require specific dimensions or features in their pallets to accommodate their particular boxes. Our team works closely with clients to design and manufacture pallets that meet the exact requirements of their boxes, ensuring a seamless fit and optimized load stability.

Industries using double wall pallet boxes are:


Red Meat & Fish

Plastic granules

Liquids & Powders


Industries Using single wall pallet boxes are:

Soft Furnishings




Find out how Quickbox can help you solve any and all of your packaging problems today!

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