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Plastic Recycling Bin | Cardboard Waste Bins (pack of 10)
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Make recycling easy with our dedicated Plastic Recycling Bin cardboard bin. It's a sustainable way to manage recyclable waste, featuring clear labelling for easy identification.

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    Plastic Recycling Bin | Cardboard Waste Bins (pack of 10)

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    Promote plastic recycling with our dedicated Plastics Recycling Bin. This cardboard waste bin is designed to streamline the recycling process. Quick assembly, measuring 330mm x 310mm x 620mm, and crafted from 80% recycled content, it's a responsible choice for managing plastic waste, making them ideal bins for schools, offices and more.

    By using this bin, you're helping to prevent plastic materials from entering landfills and oceans. Recycling plastics conserves resources, reduces pollution, and supports a more sustainable future.

    If you would like more information on our extensive recycle bin range, please feel free to contact our expert team who are on hand to help. Here at Quickbox we our core mission is to help with sustainability, and recycling plays a big part in this. Some of the benefits of using a recycle bin include:

    • Preventing the waste of potentially useful materials
    • Reducing the energy consumption in manufacturing new raw materials
    • Reducing air and water pollution, and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases

    Recycling is a common part of daily life, and you should also consider how you are recycling materials when you are in the office as well as when you are at home. Our range of cardboard waste bins means that you can easily separate cardboard, tins, paper and more. What is even better is our recycle bins are fully recyclable themselves once you have finished using them!


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