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We design custom server boxes for safe transportation

Bespoke Server Boxes

In the market for Server Boxes? We have the perfect solution, our cardboard boxes can be made to perfectly wrap your server, no matter the size, a perfect wrap ensures minimal movement in transit.

Transporting servers and IT equipment safely is a critical challenge faced by businesses and IT departments. Ensuring that these sensitive devices are protected against damage during transit is paramount. Specialized cardboard server boxes are designed for this very purpose, offering the necessary durability and security to keep valuable equipment safe. These tailor-made boxes are vital for anyone looking to move or ship servers, providing peace of mind through optimal protection.

Understanding Server Boxes

Server boxes are robust cardboard containers engineered to secure and protect servers during moves, shipping, or storage. Our server boxes can be designed with a 'snug-fit' in mind, this increases durability & shock absorption, ensuring that sensitive electronic equipment is kept safe from potential damage.

Why Use Specialized Server Boxes?

  • Custom Fit: Server boxes come in various sizes and with customizable inserts, ensuring a snug fit for different server models and configurations.
  • Protection Against Impacts: High-quality server boxes are equipped with reinforced walls and padding materials that absorb shocks and vibrations during transit.
  • Climate Resistance: Certain server boxes offer protection against moisture and temperature variations, safeguarding the electronic components from environmental conditions.
  • Ease of Transport: With features like handholds and lightweight design, these boxes make the physical handling and transport of servers more manageable.

Bespoke Server Box - Designed to fit any server

How to select the Right Server Box?

Choosing the right server box involves considering several factors:

  • Server Dimensions: Measure your server to ensure the box dimensions are appropriate for a secure fit.
  • Transportation Needs: Assess the level of protection needed based on the transportation mode and distance. Air freight, for instance, may require more robust solutions than local moves.
  • Environmental Factors: If your equipment is being transported through areas with extreme temperatures or high humidity, look for boxes with added environmental protection.
  • Budget: While it’s crucial to protect your investment in IT equipment, there are options available at various price points to meet different budgetary requirements. As a custom box manufacturer we offer some of the most competitive rates for bespoke server boxes in the market.

Maximizing Protection for Your Servers

To further enhance the protection offered by server boxes, consider these additional steps:

  • Use Anti-Static Bags: Enclose servers in anti-static bags before boxing to prevent electrostatic discharge damage.
  • Seal Boxes Properly: Ensure boxes are sealed securely with heavy-duty tape to prevent opening during transport.
  • Label Clearly: Label each box with handling instructions, such as "Fragile," "This Side Up," or "Handle With Care," to promote proper handling.
  • Insure Your Shipment: For high-value equipment, consider purchasing insurance to protect against potential loss or damage during transport.

Server boxes are more than just cardboard containers; they are a critical investment in the safety and longevity of your IT equipment during transport. By getting the right server box designed and taking additional protective measures, businesses and IT professionals can mitigate the risks associated with moving sensitive electronic gear. Whether relocating a data center, shipping servers to a new location, or simply storing equipment, the right server box can make all the difference in delivering your valuable assets safely and securely.

We offer a full online quoting service via the Instant Box Quote , if you require the 'Snug-fit' inserts then we would recommend getting in touch by either calling us, emailing us, or filling in the form below!

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