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Let The Festivities Begin

23 January 2024 by
Conor Sellars

The Christmas period is upon us once again. This is the time of year when we start to think about sending Christmas hampers to family and friends, which quite often means for businesses, finding the right packaging to help get packages safely from A to B. With many more families now living apart and quite often overseas, they rely on the numerous delivery services available, to ensure that the much-anticipated gift reaches their destination in time for the big day and more importantly, in one piece. We would like to be a part of that experience by providing your business with an array of packing choices to make sure your gifts are well received. Everybody is trying to get their gifts safely delivered to their loved ones at this magical time of year. As you know, it is important that you have a packaging strategy in place to make this happen. We help you to do just that.

Our aim is to make the stress and strain that the Christmas preparations can create that little bit easier, by delivering the perfect packing solution to you. We pride ourselves in our products and you can pride yourself in the gift selections that you make and provide for your customers. By using the Custom Box Calculator, you can certainly be adventurous with your gift selection and be re-assured, that we will do everything we can to create the perfect box for your perfect gift. Christmas boxes light up people’s lives and we are here to help you make that difference. Let us be part of that process and we can definitely help to put a smile on someone’s face.

Christmas Boxes Storage

Every year your customers head up into the loft, the garage or shed, the wardrobe or cupboard under the stairs, to find all of their decorations, Christmas lights and of course the tree, to prepare their homes for the coming festive period. We inevitably whilst out shopping, will always see that cute reindeer or a sparkling bauble or that talented battery powered, singing and dancing snowman, that our already fully decorated home simply cannot do without.

These items will all need to find a safe and secure home once the last mince pie has been eaten and the festivities have subsided, all ready to be called upon next year. Quickbox have a large selection of Christmas boxes, ideal for the storage of all precious decorations. Some are often handed down from generation to generation and are family heirlooms that need to be protected. Some are closely connected to a special family memory or occasion that will bring happiness and enjoyment every time they are on display. With such items, it is important that they remain safe, so that they can continue to give pleasure for many years to come.

The flexibility of our range lends itself to protecting your customer’s items, no matter what space they have to store them in. They can be safely stacked on top of each other and as they can be designed to required dimensions, they can fit into that awkward, available space with ease. All of our products are environmentally friendly and can be 100% recycled once the box can no longer meet needs.

Christmas Gift Boxes

We all enjoy finding the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. When you go to the lengths and expense to select and then wrap each gift, it is so important that your precious cargo reaches the recipient in one piece. We can cater to these very specific needs and will do everything we can to create a box to meet your demands.

When using the postal service, your parcel will be travelling for many miles in a variety of transport vehicles and will be handled by a number of delivery staff, so choosing the right box to protect it is essential. The variety of presentation and mailer boxes that we have to offer will more than likely fit the bill, however for those special one off, not quite so usual presents, we offer a bespoke custom design service, allowing a box to be tailored to meet your requirements. In addition, we now have the capability to adorn your box with a printed design of your choice.

Our printing facility is now live with no minimum order required. This can help to make that special gift even more personal and help someone to show just how much they care about the lucky person whose name is on the label. So, remember, whilst your customer is busy searching the high street or frantically clicking and browsing online for that great gift, we help you to take the pressure away by providing the packaging for their gift to reach that special someone. Quickbox are here to help. Check out our Christmas packaging ideas.

Christmas Hamper Boxes

Hampers are a very popular gift at Christmas. They are a really nice way to give that special something, which does not ordinarily make its way into the weekly shopping basket. The benefit of building your very own Hamper is that you can take control of your selections and shop around for the best deals. It also allows you to personalise the contents, so that each and every item will be used by its lucky recipient and not end up in the recycling bin or even worse, landfill. A Hamper will be well received by anyone and will help to make Christmas even more special, by providing the little luxuries that we all enjoy at this time of year.

Hampers come in many different shapes and sizes and contain a wide variety of items. By carefully selecting the right packaging for you, you can make the gift extra special and add to the overall experience, helping to show the lucky individual just how much they care. Quickbox can create a customised box of any size for your Hamper and we can also decorate the outside with that special message or design for your customers loved ones.

Posting Your Christmas Hamper

Once you have carefully wrapped your gifts and protected them with the perfect box, it is important that they actually arrive on time to your customer. It is worth knowing that the main delivery organisations have published a guide indicating when the last posting dates for the UK and overseas destinations are. This is available on each of their websites, which provide a comprehensive list of countries and recommended last posting dates for Christmas 2018.

One group of individuals who will definitely be grateful for their family gifts at this time of year are the members of our Armed Forces. This band of men and women are spread across all 4 continents and are often away from family and friends for long periods of time. These Christmas packages are eagerly anticipated and will help raise the spirits of the many military personnel, who find themselves deployed throughout the many overseas detachments spread far and wide across the globe.

Christmas Eve Boxes

The relatively new tradition of presenting a box full of treats on Christmas Eve is becoming more and more popular. The idea behind this was believed to derive from the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve and is now becoming a way to start the festive spirit in the UK. Families are getting on board with this concept and are starting to use them as a way to begin the festivities early. They can be filled with whatever you like and you can give them to whoever you like, as long as they suit their Christmas Eve needs.

They can be tailored to individual tastes and preferences and can even be used to encourage children to go to sleep early in anticipation for the big day. The Christmas Eve box can also be used to bring the whole family together by including a game or favourite family film, that everyone can enjoy. These boxes are ageless and can be given to anyone, a family member, a friend, colleague or elderly neighbour to show that you care and are thinking of them. For some people, Christmas can be a lonely time and by sending this small token, it can lift a person during this very family orientated holiday period.

Boxing Day

Most people will associate Boxing Day with relaxing in front of the TV watching a Christmas movie, whilst eating their leftovers from yesterday’s Christmas feast. It is also the day when some lucky children get the opportunity to take that new bike out for the first time and play with the many gifts that they will have hopefully received from Santa.

More traditionally, Boxing Day has a number of origins that many people refer to, however it is still unknown as to the actual reason for its name. The first explanation is it was the day that the Aristocrats allowed their staff to take a day off after working on Christmas day and by way of a thank you, they would present them with a box of small gifts, money and leftovers from the table. This would then be taken to their home and distributed amongst all of the family members.

Another reason believed to be behind the Boxing Day meaning is that it refers to a collection box, that was placed in churches on Christmas day, in order to collect money for the poor. The proceeds were then distributed on the following day, 26th December, to the needy members of the community.

A further explanation is that when a great sailing ship would set off on its voyage, a sealed box that contained money, would be amongst the cargo, which was thought to bring good luck to the crew. On the completion of a successful trip, the box was then given to a priest, who would open the box at Christmas and the contents were distributed to the poor.

Wrapping Up

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for many families; the anticipation of receiving a gift from relatives, friends and extended family members is exciting. When there is a knock at the door and they are presented with that unexpected cardboard box, from a great aunt or a long-lost uncle, the buzz of excitement grows. What can it possibly be? Should I give it a shake? Will it damage the contents? Does it rattle? How heavy is it? These are just a selection of small things that make the receiving of gifts a magical experience for many.

The box, although mainly designed to protect what’s inside, also helps to disguise the contents, adding to the mystery of what it contains. The humble cardboard box is an integral part of this exciting process and is often understated and over looked, however as we have mentioned throughout, it can, and does improve the lives of so many people. Quickbox help to bring people together at any time of year, but Christmas is a time where we really can make a difference.

Conor Sellars 23 January 2024

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