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Christmas Packaging Ideas

23 January 2024 by
Conor Sellars

How ready are you to serve the packaging needs for your customers during the festive season? Presents come in so many shapes and sizes, which is why your Christmas packaging should also (we always advocate using the #rightsizebox). How many boxes do you have available for your customers?

At a time like Christmas presentation is more important than ever… We offer creative freedom when it comes to packaging ideas. This freedom comes with using our custom box calculator, allowing you to create the perfect sized and shaped box for your products, complete with the printing you need coupled with NO minimum order quantity.

Christmas is an exciting yet busy time of the year. The festive period leaves you mulling over not only the wine, but also what Christmas packaging are we going to provide? Do we create our own custom designs? What Christmas packaging ideas are out there? No matter what stage you are at, Quickbox are here to provide you with custom Christmas packaging solutions…

Christmas Gift Boxes – Present To Your Customers

Your packaging really could be given to your customers as a present from your company to them. Many companies view their packages at Christmas as a Christmas gift box, not just Christmas packaging. Do you? No matter how loyal your customers are, presents always stay at the forefront of people’s minds. But why do we give presents at Christmas? Presents at Christmas are thought to be a reminder of the gifts given to Jesus by the Wise Men. Here are some Christmas packaging ideas so that you can act as Wise Men to your customers.

Festive Prints – Custom Printed Boxes

Festive prints are everywhere to be seen at Christmas, so why stop at your packaging? If you aren’t already aware, we offer custom printing, which means that you can make your packaging as festive as you would like. Reindeer, Christmas tree, snowmen, the possibilities really are endless. One thing we do know for sure is no matter what design you choose; your print will be high quality thanks to our full-colour digital inkjet printer on site.

Wanting to be a bit subtler with your designs? Why not print your information or logo incorporating the Christmas colours to inject that festive feel? Not one to embrace Christmas? We can print whatever your requirements are, festive or not festive.

Why Not Custom Design Your Box?

You could even think outside the box and instead of using already existing designs for your packaging, you could design a Christmas themed print yourself. Christmas is a time to bring out your childlike ways, so why not explore this through art and design? Match this with one of our custom boxes, and it really would be a custom design.

Choose Your Christmas Style

There are endless styles of Christmas décor. When designing your Christmas packaging, it is important to think about the style you are following. According to Decoholic, there are 11 main styles of Christmas; traditional red, vintage, rustic, country, contemporary, simple, Scandinavian, girly glamour, coastal and eclectic. Before thinking about the extra details and touches, it is important to think about the style your company is following. Ask yourself…what is our Christmas style?

Once our packaging has arrived at your HQ, you can then spice it up even more. Here are some ideas that you can add to really put a smile on your customers faces this Christmas…

Ribbons & Bows

Ribbons and bows are showcased on most presents during the festive period and there is nothing to say that this can’t be done with your ‘presents’ to your customers. Our boxes are smooth, made from a variety of cardboards, meaning that you can professionally add ribbons and bows to your parcels with ease.

Custom Labels

You may wish to add your label on yourself, when our packaging has arrived at your HQ, if not we could always print a label template onto your package to make it easier to send to your customers. Christmas is all about adding those extra touches and showing that you care. We can help you to do just that with our state of the art printing facilities.

Wrapping Paper

You may feel that you already have wrapping paper overload. But if this isn’t the case, why not add a sprinkle of wrapping paper onto your package? Whether this is externally or internally for your box, this is sure to put a smile on your customers face. Why not get into the habit of reusing your wrapping paper and cut down on wastage? We are always thinking about the environment here.

Christmas Stickers

Christmas themed stickers are readily available during the festive season. Venture out to any of the supermarkets or wholesalers and you are almost guaranteed to come across Christmas stickers. Using festive stickers for your box design could add an element of fun to your company packaging, but at the same time, not eating into your precious time.


Holiday photos are very popular, especially at this time of year. You and your team are working around the clock to make sure your customers are happy at this busy time. You could add an extra personal touch by including a photo in your customer’s box. Perhaps of your team, yourself, or any decorations that you have in the office, showing that working elves aren’t just in Lapland.

Product Personalisation

We love a bit of personalisation at Quickbox. Show your customers that you really care by adding a personalised message inside their boxes. If you are struggling for time, especially during this busy period of the year, another option would be to add different messages into different boxes. Perhaps a line from your favourite Christmas carol or some festive wisdom.


Here’s an idea! You could use packaging that doesn’t contribute towards wastage. When using Quickbox, you can be rest assured that we have considered corporate social responsibility and all of our cartons are made from sustainable sources. That way you can think about the positive impact you will have on others at this magical time, rather than the negative impact on the planet. As mentioned before, we’re huge advocates of using the #rightsizebox as less materials equal less waste and more profit.

Our Boxes Are Not Just For Christmas

As the old saying goes, a dog is not just for Christmas. This also applies for our boxes. Our boxes are durable meaning that you may wish to reuse them for Christmas boxes storage. At the same time, Quickbox boxes can be used any time of the year for storage. As much as you can rely on us, you can rely on our boxes to be there for you when needed.

Wrapping up

Christmas is such a creative time of the year and at the same time, such a busy time of the year for you and your business. We provide you with the perfect packaging solutions so that you can concentrate on serving your customers with fun parcels. We have started you off with a few ideas to put a smile on your customers faces. Think festive, practical and fun, and you can’t really go wrong.

Conor Sellars 23 January 2024

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