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Boost Your Bottom Line with Custom Boxes

11 January 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly

Off-the Shelf or Custom Boxes?

E-Commerce brands are all looking to grow in the same way – creating brand advocates to help bring in a steady flow of customers, spreading the word about how good your products are. Of course growing an online presence is key, but something that is often overlooked is that vital moment when your product reaches the hands of your customers.

Customisable packaging is one of the best ways to ensure your products stand out. Let’s have a look at why you should invest in custom boxes to help boost your bottom line.

Why Invest In Custom Cardboard Boxes?

As a business owner, it is important to invest your budget in the right areas. Whether this is social media marketing, a website refresh, or your packaging. It is hard to track a direct return on investment when it comes to packaging, but there have been lots of studies carried out which prove that if your packaging stands out it can really enhance the perception of your brand.

40% of customers are more willing to make repeat purchases if an order comes in printed packaging. It helps to give your company a premium image and feel, and customers are more likely to share images of your products if they give that effect. Which in turn means that your products will reach a wider audience.

Customised Packaging Options

When you are reviewing your packaging, you need to think about the technical aspects too. If your products are delicate, your packaging needs to provide the best protection possible to prevent damage during transit. Rather than having an approach like Amazon and putting any size product in any size box, it is best to spend time researching the size and material of packaging you need.

At Quickbox we can manufacture bespoke cardboard boxes to the exact size and quantity that you require. Just put the details into our instant box calculator and we will give you an instant quote in less than a minute.

Matching Your Brand Image

If you really want to achieve that premium feel, it is highly important that your packaging reflects your brand image. People need to associate your packaging with your brand and business name. As an example, if you are selling beauty products it is likely that your customers are well manicured. They don’t want to be struggling through several layers of industrial-strength cardboard before they can open the cardboard box! Something like a quick-release tab is a much better solution.

Printed Custom Boxes

Custom boxes printed with your own identity will reinforce your brand with your customers and helps to build that trust and connection. The cardboard is printed on before it gets formed into a box, so if you are sending out a large box there is lots of room to work on the design. You could opt for a repeat of a pattern that incorporates your logo if you have a large box, or just your logo on its own if you have smaller cardboard boxes.

You don’t necessarily have to get the entire box printed, you could always choose customised printed tape instead, which will have a similar effect. Remember to think about what the customer sees when they open the box too. Why not add in some tissue paper which matches your brand colours, along with a little ‘Thank You’ card. It is these smaller finishing touches which really help to enforce your brand.


Many start-up eCommerce businesses owners don’t tend to realise the impact that branded packaging can have. Your packaging says as much about your brand as your product does, so it is important to get this right from the start. Take the opportunity to customise your cardboard boxes and your customers will be impressed from the start.

If you would like any further information about how we can provide custom cardboard boxes and printed tape please get in touch – call 01472 868047 or email

Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 11 January 2024

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