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Our Custom Printed Boxes Just Got Bigger!

We’re always looking for ways to innovate and provide our customers with the best possible products and services. Today, we’re thrilled to announce an update that we believe will make a significant difference for businesses and individuals who use our custom boxes: We are now offering larger boxes than ever before!


A Giant Leap in Box Size

Our commitment to meeting your needs has led us to expand our offerings. Previously, the largest board height available for our custom boxes was 1480mm. We’ve pushed the boundaries and are now proud to offer box sizes up to 1600mm on our website. This marks a giant leap in size – a 14% increase, to be precise. In addition to this, if you get in touch with the team, there are certain styles of boxes that we can now do up to 1980mm height. 


Why Bigger is Better

You might be wondering, "What does this mean for me?" Here are a few key benefits of our new, larger boxes:

Reduce the Difficulty of packing Large Items

Due to the increase in height, larger items are easier than ever to pack into their boxes, allowing for the product to be slid into the box from the side. Which also helps with reducing the amount of tape required as you would only be required to tape the ends, not the entire length!


Save on Postage

One of the immediate advantages is the potential savings on postage. Items that would have previously required two boxes to ship can now fit comfortably into one. This consolidation means lower shipping costs, making it more economical for you to send products to your customers or loved ones.


Efficiency in Packing

Another significant benefit is the time saved during the packing process. With the need for fewer boxes, you can streamline your packing operation. Less time spent making up boxes means more time focusing on what matters most – your product and your customers. This also helps to save some money as what would have previously 2 smaller boards, is now one large board, which will always be the most cost-effective option.


Customization Remains a Priority

Despite the increase in size, our promise of customization remains unchanged. You can still have your boxes printed with your designs, logos, or messages. And yes, these larger boxes come in all of our standard shapes and sizes, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on your branding or the presentation of your products.


Ready to Upgrade?

We’re excited about the possibilities these larger boxes open up for our customers. Whether you’re shipping larger products, seeking to reduce your shipping costs, or simply aiming to improve your packaging efficiency, our new box sizes are designed with your needs in mind.


At Quickbox, we believe in constant improvement and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strive to serve you better.

Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Ben Cole 8 May 2024

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