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Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

11 January 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly

What you need to know about double wall cardboard!

Double wall cardboard boxes offer numerous advantages over a single wall option. In this blog I will explain what these are.

BC flute is the most popular double wall cardboard. As it implies, it is basically two pieces of single wall (B flute & C flute) laminated together. This results in a piece of cardboard that is approximately 7mm thick.

Why would you choose double wall boxes for your packaging requirements?

Another popular double wall grade is EB flute. This is an E flute corrugated laminated to a B flute corrugated. This gives a sheet that is approximately 5mm thick, and as it has a layer of E flute on the exterior, gives a great surface to print on.

The less used double wall flutes are AA; CC and AC. These are used in extra heavy applications in the engineering industry.

Why you need to use double wall boxes for your packaging?

Firstly, as there are two layers of cardboard, this makes it double the thickness of single wall corrugated cardboard and therefore straight away, offers more protection for the product packed inside the box. This can be extremely valuable when parcels are being sent out in the post or on a courier service, as it will withstand more manual handling and protect against any unavoidable drops and bashes whilst the item is being transported.

If you need to store your product, double wall is the perfect choice. It holds it rigidity for longer, and with it having double layers of cardboard, it gives it a tough puncture resistant property. This is a great way to pack your product knowing it will be safely stored and in good condition once it is ready for use.

With double wall boxes, you can pack heavier products. We would recommend that 125K/125T BC would hold up to 15KG, 150k/150T BC would hold up to 20KG, 200K/200T BC would hold up to 25KG and 300K/300T BC would hold up to 30KG. This is particularly handy for customers with heavy items that they need to pack. It also helps if items need to be stacked more than one high.

Can we print on double wall cardboard?

In a word, yes! Double wall cardboard comes in both white kraft and brown kraft papers. These are both great for printing on. A lot of customers like the brown kraft paper as it gives a nice rustic finish to the box. This gives it an environmentally friendly look and is very much on trend at the moment.

What can double wall boxes be used for?

There are many uses for double wall boxes. Here are just a few.

Removal boxes

Ideal for when you are moving house. The double wall boxes are just the job for house moves. If you need to move large, bulky heavy items then a heavy duty double wall does the trick. It is robust making it the perfect packaging solution. We can even add hand holes to the boxes, making it easier to move from one location to another.

For the smaller, valuable and precious items, double wall gives the best performance, offering both protection to the product and piece of mind to the customer, resulting in less breakages and more happy customers .

Postal/Courier deliveries

In an age of E-commerce, we all have deliveries sent to us either through the Royal Mail, on TNT, Fedex or DPD. How often are these damaged once they arrive at our homes? By using the correct internal dimensions and the correct double wall grade, we can actively help to get the postal deliveries from point A to point B with minimal damage to the outer packaging, and no damage to the goods inside. This not only results in a satisfied end user, it also means less returns to the sluppier.

Transit Outers

Another use for double wall cardboard boxes is for transit outers, to hold inner packed boxes. If your product is packed in boxes, and is transported around the country, then an outer transit box is a good idea. These are made to measure to fit the boxes that are going inside, and can be configured to fit economically on a standard or euro pallet. It can then be delivered by road, rail, ship or air.

Furniture Boxes

Chairs, sofas, work tops, shelves, mattresses. All benefit from double wall outer packaging. Again with the addition of hand holes, this makes delivering of awkward heavy items so much easier. The double wall cardboard gives great protection to the product resulting in the furniture arriving at it’s destination in prime condition.

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are perfectly suited to double wall. These are made to fit a pallet and are used by the fresh food industry, meat suppliers and storage companies. When the correct grade of board is used, these can then be double stacked. This helps the customer with both storage of the product and also fits a lorry more efficiently for distribution.

Environmentally Friendly

Are double wall cardboard boxes recyclable? The answer to this is a resounding yes. It is 100% recyclable and is made from around 70% recycled fibres. All our board is sourced sustainably and our manufacturers are members of the FSC. As mentioned earlier, by using double wall cardboard, there is less product damage, meaning fewer returns. This results in less vehicles on the road which equals a better carbon footprint. Everybody wins!

In Summary

Double wall is an ideal board grade for large, heavy products. Also it is good for fragile goods as it gives extra protection. The perfect choice for postal boxes to get products to their destination in one piece.

Give us a call on 01472 868047 and speak to one of the team to discuss your packaging needs and see how our double wall packaging options can help you? We offer board sample packs that include swatches of our single wall, double wall cardboard, kraft and white corrugated cardboard.

For more information on how to measure a box see our Buying Guide. To get a price on a box for your product go to our Instant Box Quote Calculator and get your price in less than 30 seconds!

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Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 11 January 2024

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