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Why cardboard is the preferred material for shipping purposes.

23 January 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly

Cardboard is a packaging material made from paperboard, a type of recycled paper. It is a strong, lightweight, economical and cost-effective option that can be use for a variety of packaging products. So, let’s have a look at why cardboard is the preferred material for shipping purposes.

Strong, Durable & Lightweight

Cardboard is a strong, durable, and lightweight material. This makes it ideal for shipping goods of all different shapes and sizes. There are many different grades of cardboard available. These range from a thin E flute board which is about 2mm thick, through to a double wall cardboard which is around 7mm thick. Choosing the correct grade for your product is essential when deciding which shipping box will work best for you. However, even the single wall boxes can offer a great level of protection to your product if you use the correct design.

The corrugated sheets are made of two outer liners (paper). If necessary, these can be made stronger by choosing a heavyweight paper rather than a lightweight paper. The inner liner (fluting) gives the cushioning to the box helping to protect the goods in transit.

Versatile & Customisable

Cardboard is a very versatile material, making customisation easy. Firstly, cardboard can be die-cut into almost any shape or design you require. This is a simple process using a cutting tool to ‘stamp out’ the shape of the packaging. This is very useful when packing objects that are an unusual shape. It can also help to produce packaging that is easy to assemble, resulting in cost savings on the packing line.  Secondly, cardboard is a great substrate to print onto. By having branded boxes, it can help you with brand recognition, and help you to build up a positive brand image.

Safe & Secure

Cardboard is a safe and secure way of shipping your goods. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different board grades and strengths to choose from. If you have a large item to ship or something that weighs a lot, then a heavy-duty double wall material is the best option. This will give the maximum protection to your products both in storage and during shipping. Corrugated cardboard can hold its structure during shipping, making it hard to tear or crush. This then offers good levels of protection and cushioning to delicate items, keeping them safe throughout their journey.

By choosing corrugated cardboard boxes, you can also add ‘locking tabs’ to the boxes. These allow the boxes to be close securely during packaging and shipping. This not only offers an extra element of security, but is also useful as an anti-tampering measure.


Cardboard is a very eco friendly material. It is made from recycled content and is fully recyclable. We only source our corrugated cardboard from FSC accredited suppliers. This means that our cardboard only comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Unlike plastic, cardboard is biodegradable. It takes a maximum of one year to degrade. This also means that the packaging doesn’t have to go into landfill sites causing long term damage to the environment. In some instances, corrugated cardboard boxes can be reusable, meaning that not only the sender can get a delivery out of the box, but also the recipient can get a delivery from the same box too.


Corrugated cardboard is a very cost-effective material and can be affordable to most business’s budgets. When bought in bulk, the cardboard box unit price drops significantly if larger quantities are ordered in one consignment. Strong corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping products as they give great protection and cushioning to the products and have low-cost shipping charges. Cardboard boxes are, in most cases, significantly cheaper than other packaging materials including wood and plastic. For shipping, they are usually flat-packed onto pallets. This means that they can be stacked efficiently onto pallets resulting in very competitive shipping rates.

The above five categories show why cardboard is a very cost-effective material and an ideal option for shipping all types of products. Therefore, explaining why cardboard is the preferred material for shipping purposes.

Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 23 January 2024

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