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Cardboard Pallet Boxes - Everything you need to know

23 January 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly

Why use a cardboard pallet box?

Pallet boxes are a great way to send out bulk quantities of unpackaged products, large bulky items, valuable goods and much more. They can provide stability and protection from damage as well as allowing you to maximise the available shipping space when transporting. They’re also a useful way to help prevent product pilferage.

The advantages of cardboard over plastic.

The biggest advantage of a cardboard pallet box rather than a plastic one is the price. Not only is the initial outlay much less per box, but the plastic versions involve a number of hidden costs.

Plastic pallet boxes have to be shipped back to the distributor after use. Besides the obvious negative environmental impact, this incurs a large fuel cost for shipping what is essentially fresh air. In comparison the card versions can be fully recycled so do not need to be shipped back to the supplier.

Due to cardboard pallet boxes being single use they don’t need to be cleaned this also saves on the cost of cleaning the plastic containers before re-using them.

In addition to all this, cardboard pallet boxes can be made to exactly the correct size at little or no set up costs. In contrast to this if you are wanting to have a bespoke size plastic pallet boxes the die costs are in the excess of £10 000.00.

These factors when combined generally make the cardboard option much more cost effective.

Cardboard pallet boxes are available in a number of styles

I’ve listed some of the most common types available below:

Sleeve Cap & Tray

These boxes are great for heavier items such as, bags of cat litter and cement. These are placed on the pallet tray, the sleeve is then placed over the top and sealed. Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets.

0201 Pallet Boxes

These boxes are extremely quick to assemble and are great for bulky products such as cushions, clothing, footballs. Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets. They run through a standard box making machine so there are no set up costs.

0201 Pallet Boxes     
(with re-enforced corners)

These boxes are extremely popular in the food industry where re-enforced corners allow them to be double stacked. They are supplied flat packed with postal tubes. Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets

0200 Pallet Boxes

These boxes are great for heavier items such These open top boxes are great for automatic filling lines where product is poured into the box and liner. Used for products like cereals, plastic injection mouldings etc. They can be bought on their own or with a lid.  Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets

Octabin Pallet Boxes

Octabin boxes are designed for the distribution and storage of bulk, loose fill products, such as powder, grains, plastic pellets. The octagonal shape consists of a base, sleeve and lid which is easily erected. The design of the packaging, with 8 corners, increases the stacking strength. Made to fit Standard and Euro Pallets

Why use Quickbox?

The way Quickbox‘s machines are set up means we specialise in manufacturing large, heavy duty boxes for bulky items and we work with an increasing number of companies making the move to cardboard pallet boxes. The pallet boxes can be customised for your exact size requirements, they can also be printed in your own design.

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Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 23 January 2024

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