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How To Package Plants For Posting

11 January 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly

In this blog we will discuss how to package plants for posting. Sending plants through the post or on a courier is very popular and a great asset to the plant companies. However, unless the correct packaging is used, the results can be damaged plants, resulting in losses for the vendor. It is therefore essential that the correct packaging is used, especially if the plants are being shipped on a courier service or by The Royal Mail. The correct grade of corrugated cardboard is also a key factor to the success of the plant arriving in the condition that the end user expects.

Bespoke Plant Box

I will now take you through some of the options that can be used for packaging plants so that they can be posted with confidence!

Best Box Styles

The easiest and most popular styles are the 0201 and 0203 Fefco codes. These are standard box codes. We are able to add air holes to these boxes. This helps with the plants moisture and allows air and light to get to the plants keeping them in prime condition. These styles offer 360-degree protection to the plants which is very important when the products are being shipped by courier. The 0203 version gives extra protection as it has fully overlapping flaps. This adds extra padding to the top and bottom of the plants. Additionally layers also are very helpful when moist paper towels are used in the packing of the plants. The overlapping flaps can also give protection to the bare roots of live plants.

0201 Style with hand holes

Bespoke Die Cut Boxes

Not all plants can be packed in a standard box style.  If this is the case then bespoke die-cut box styles are also popular when packaging plants. This method of production uses a pre-formed tool to punch the box shapes from sheets of cardboard. It gives the ability to create boxes with a tuck in lid, and many more variations! Die-cut boxes normally offer a much better unpacking experience for the customer and the first impression lasts! Some plant packers like to tie their plants to the boxes using string or rubber bands. With a die cut style box this can be implemented into the design.

   Die Cut Plant Box with Inserts

Telescopic Boxes

It’s difficult to think of something which varies in size as much as a plant, which means the 0320 Telescopic Box is often ideal when it comes to packaging them. The 2 halves of the box will slide up and down over each other and allow the box to be adjusted to fit the exact plant size, offering the best protection, and saving space during delivery. The advantage of a one size fits all solution is the ability to purchase larger quantities of boxes and therefore improve the price, without sacrificing the safety of your plant. These are often used with larger ‘tree-sized’ plants as the 2 smaller halves of the box can be stored much more easily than if the box was one piece. This also makes packing and unpacking the box much easier as the box isn’t so cumbersome.

Telescopic Plant Box

Open Top Trays

Trays are ideal for transporting large quantities of smaller plants, or even just for storing them. There’s a couple of styles available with the 0200 Open Top Carton being the most common. This is a standard box style but without the top flaps. It still gives plants the best access to light and oxygen whilst making them much easier to carry. Hand holes can of course be added to make this even easier. The die-cut versions of these trays (Fefco 0422) tend to have ‘clip-in’ sides which give added strength. These are very quick to assemble making it an ideal option for customers who have many plants to pack. Die cut inserts can be used if the plants are packed in pots, which add stability to the packs. Corrugated dividers can also be used to segregate the plants if necessary.

0200 Tray for plants


There are many different sizes and types of plants, and they all need to be packed carefully. The correct packaging materials are an essential part of the process (the best grade of corrugated cardboard), and the correct style for your plants. This is determined by what type of plant is being packed and how it is being shipped. Often parcels sent on couriers on Royal Mail need stronger cardboard and need to be packaged so that there is little movement in transit.

How Quickbox Can Help

At Quickbox we work with a lot of companies who send out plants in the post and have had a great deal of success with these customers. We have a sales and design team with vast experience in this field (pardon the pun). If you are looking for a quote for your plants to be packaged, please give our team a call on 01472 868047 or send an email to

Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 11 January 2024

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