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A Guide to our selection of Customizable Box Print Types!

19 March 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Ben Cole

We often get the question of ‘what’s the difference between single and full colour boxes’, seems silly right? But it’s a little bit more complicated than it sounds… the way we have been pricing boxes is made slightly unclear for our customers for a couple of years now. Single Colour wasn’t priced based on the number of colours, it was based on the amount of print area, the same applied for full colour too! So, to clear up the admittedly confusing naming scheme we’ve made the decision to change the naming conventions. Introducing…

Full Coverage

This print option is for flood coated boxes or any artwork that covers more than 70% of the box size, you can choose as many, or as little colours as you would like without effecting the price… sounds like a good deal to us!

Partial Coverage

The most popular choice, it gives you plenty of room to catch attention, whilst still showing some of that cardboard surface, this often works the best to capture attention without committing to a full coat of paint, as previously mentioned this option allows you to have as many colours as your heart desires… again, at no extra cost. Full colour and under 70% coverage is all you need for making a strong first impression.


We’ll be honest this one is harder to make sound exciting, but whilst it lacks in exciting design, they make up for it in build quality, expert design, local production, by us, in the UK. Adding print can make boxes more exciting, but we all know that some things are best not being advertised, not everyone want’s their neighbours or the postman to know what they’ve been ordering, a nice way to balance this with a custom experience is to just print the inside of the box! This is the best option for discrete deliveries.


We hope that this helped to clear up any confusion around this, but if you need some more information there is a video and guidance page – (LINK)

Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Ben Cole 19 March 2024

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