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Advantages of Green Packaging To The Environment

We have been talking a lot about green packaging and sustainability lately, as they are both topics which are very closely aligned with our mission at Quickbox. With many companies turning to green packaging, we thought it would be a good idea to run through how eco-friendly packaging does not only help the environment, but they require fewer materials during the manufacturing process too. A sustainable alternative which also provides better results.

Benefits to the environment & the economy

As we mentioned in our sustainable packaging blog, eco-friendly packaging is becoming a trend which businesses globally are having to consider. By shifting to green materials you can meet or anticipate your customer’s demands for eco-friendly suppliers. A recent study concluded that 73% of people reported that their companies give extra attention to packaging sustainability. It is also a cost-effective method too, as lighter packaging reduces transportation costs.

Advantages of green packaging

  1. Reduced carbon footprint

    Eco-friendly packaging is better for the environment as it is usually made of recycled waste materials. This means less energy goes into making the packaging, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

  2. Easy to dispose of

    This does depend on the type of packaging that you use, but any green packaging should be either compostable or recyclable. The packaging materials are also biodegradable which means that after serving its original purpose, the packaging will break down easily.

  3. Versatile & flexible

    Eco-friendly packaging can easily be re-used and re-purposed in most industries. No matter what product you are looking to package, there will be an eco-friendly version that will meet your needs and reduce costs. At Quickbox we even supply eco-friendly packing tape which can be customised with your very own branding on it too.

  4. Improves brand image

    Giving the right impression to your customers is key, and nothing says you are a responsible company more than eco-friendly packaging. There have even been studies carried out which show people feel more positive about a product whose packaging is made of recycled items.

  5. Can save your business money

    By choosing eco-friendly packaging, you are reducing your shipping costs due to the packaging being lighter. As fewer raw materials are used to package the products, less effort is therefore expended throughout the entire process. You could even look at discarding some of your own waste packaging via paper shredders. These shreddings can then be used to protect your products that you are shipping out.

  6. Expands your customer base

    The demand for sustainable packaging is continuously on the rise, and it is something that is being factored into the buying decision of consumers now. If you are selling your products in eco-friendly packaging and your competitors aren’t, you could have a real advantage against them.

  7. It can be reduced, reused and recycled

    Most of the materials that eco-friendly packaging are manufactured from can be either:
  • Reduced: using thinner and tougher materials to do the same job, with fewer materials
  • Reused: lots of products including cardboard boxes made with special coatings can be reused. They are often coated to make them stronger.
  • Recycled: a large percentage of products are being made from recycled materials, as it allows manufacturers to keep costs low rather than spending lots of money on brand new raw materials each time.

This green movement is leading to the production of many innovative eco-friendly alternatives to traditional packaging materials. With our custom box calculator, we can manufacture the exact size cardboard box that you require, helping to save on waste. Contact us today for more information on the green packaging solutions that we offer.

Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 11 January 2024

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