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How To Optimise E-Commerce Packaging To Go Eco-Friendly

11 January 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly

We have written a few blog posts around the topic of eCommerce packaging recently, because it is an important decision to make when you are starting or running an eCommerce business. You need to strike the balance between packaging that serves a function, looks great, and will give your customers a positive ‘unboxing experience’. Sustainability and being eco-friendly is something that is also becoming more and more of a trend with consumers.

Therefore if you can position your brand for this market then you will attract an even wider audience. Of course it isn’t just about standing out as a responsible business, it means that you will be helping the planet and save costs too. Knowing where to start with eco-friendly packaging can be difficult, but the team at Quickbox are on hand to help with this.

We All Have A Responsibility

Remember a couple of years ago when most people didn’t like the thought of separating their recycling from their general waste? Look how far we have come as a generation since then! Attitudes have completely changed – you only have to pop to a local café to see the number of people bringing their own ‘cups for life’. It is almost as if becoming eco-friendly is actually the cool thing to do these days.

Consumers are willing to do their bit for the environment, so they expect businesses to lead the way. A recent study has actually shown that a third of consumers choose to buy from brands that take both their social and environmental responsibilities seriously. That means being eco-friendly isn’t just a nice thing for a business to do now, it can give you a strong competitive advantage. Packaging is something that can easily be overlooked by businesses, and can easily become a weak-link if the rest of your business is being run in an eco-friendly way.

Choosing An Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplier

When you have made the decision to upgrade to eco-friendly packaging, the first step is to find a responsible supplier (of course Quickbox tick that box, so an easy decision for you!). Signs to look out for when choosing include evidence that the company is working towards reducing their CO2 emissions. Also check that the materials they use are manufactured from recyclable, biodegradable materials. This doesn’t just mean the cardboard box either, look into the packaging tape they produce, the glue they use, the whole picture.

For example, all of our cardboard boxes are confirmed 100% recyclable and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Our brown paper tape is also a great environmentally-friendly option, and can even be printed with your own branding on it to make your packages stand out even more!

Taking Up Less Space

Not only should you review the materials that you use for your packaging, but something you should also consider is ‘dead space’. This is often overlooked within operations, particularly when it comes to larger corporations. We have all received products from Amazon inside a box that is about 3 times bigger than it needs to be! The most environmentally-friendly (and economical) way that you can package your products is by choosing a box that is an exact fit. Now this may be difficult if you have irregular-shaped items, but with our handy Costabox instant box calculator you can quickly receive a quote for custom sized boxes, at the specific quantity that you require.

Not only does custom packaging mean that your customers have less protective packaging to dispose of, but weight and space is also reduced. Helping to reduce your shipping costs, whilst having a lower impact on the environment.

Make Sure You Shout About It!

After all that effort you have taken to package your products in an environmentally-friendly way, you now need to let your customers know about it. Whether this means including it on your ‘About’ page on your website, creating a completely separate page on your website to boast about it, or putting a series of social media posts together. Display it clearly as having eco-friendly packaging could be the one reason a customer chooses your products over those of a competitor.

As always, if you require any help with choosing eco-friendly packaging for your eCommerce business, the team at Quickbox are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call on 01472 868047, or alternatively email

Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 11 January 2024

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