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What Packaging Materials You Can Recycle

23 January 2024 by
Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly

One of our core values as a business is sustainability; providing solutions that reduce the volume of waste that businesses produce. Waste has such a large impact on the environment, so anything we can do to improve this has to be a positive thing. In our industry, it is even more important that we take all the precautions we can. The vast majority of packaging products that you can purchase from us can be recycled, but it isn’t always as simple as popping it into general recycling. Here is a guide on how to recycle some of the most common types of packaging materials and what packaging materials you can recycle.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard, as found in our custom boxes is widely recycled throughout the UK. Whilst they consist of several layers, the two or three sheets of flat board are separated by layers of creased paper. This means that it can be added to general recycling bins in most parts of the UK. Of course if you are unsure, it is always best to contact your local council as some do require corrugated cardboard to be kept separate.

Bubble Wrap

Most people tend to throw bubble wrap straight into general waste without so much of a second thought. Although most local authorities in the UK don’t offer a recycling service that is appropriate for bubble wrap, there are some recycling points which do. Next time you go to the supermarket, take a look at their recycling bins. Most provide a recycling point for soft plastics like carrier bags, which are also suitable for bubble wrap. Just remember to remove any traces of packaging tape before you throw your bubble wrap in!

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap, more commonly referred to as pallet wrap, should also be recycled where possible. It is not something recycled by local councils, again you will need to take this to the bag and film collection points. You do need to be careful though, as PVC is not able to be recycled at these points, and some film is made from PVC.

Padded Envelopes

You would have thought that because both components of a jiffy bag (bubble wrap and paper) are recyclable, the entire product would be too. Unfortunately, this is not the case as there is no easy way to separate the two. So if you currently use lots of padded envelopes within your business this may be something to look into changing in order to help reduce your carbon footprint.


Unless you order a bespoke box which fits your product to perfection, you may need to add some polystyrene to your cardboard box in order to prevent your products from moving around too much. Not many councils offer recycling facilities for polystyrene but it is always best to check just in case.

If you would like any further information about the green packaging that we supply, or how to reduce the carbon footprint of your business, contact the Quickbox team today on 01469 310041.

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Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd, Lorna Donnelly 23 January 2024

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