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Optimize Your Shipping, Maximize Your Savings

Discover the Cost-Effective Power of Our Pallet Boxes

Why Our Pallet Boxes Stand Out

Durability: Built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Space Efficiency: Expertly designed to maximize space, allowing more products per shipment.

Cost-Effective: Minimize your shipping costs with our economically designed pallet boxes.

The Cost-Saving Advantages of Our Pallet Boxes

Reduce Shipping Costs: Lower your expenses by optimizing cargo space.

Minimize Product Damage: Sturdy design leads to fewer damages and returns.

Environmentally Friendly: Sustainable options that cut costs and support eco-friendly practices.

How Our Pallet Boxes Transform Your Shipping Process

Choose Your Box

Select from a range of sizes and designs suited to your needs.

Customization Options

  Personalize your pallet boxes to match your brand.

Seamless Integration

  Easily integrate our pallet boxes into your existing logistics chain.

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A little extra info

Board grades

The board grade you decide to use for your box will depend on the product you are packing. If you are packing something like cushions, we would suggest a heavy-duty single wall board. But if it is fresh meat, we would recommend extra heavy-duty double wall. We supply single wall and double wall board in several different grades if you are not sure what grade is right for you, please contact the team to discuss your needs.


All our cardboard pallet boxes are supplied in a collapsed format and are very easy to assemble. Our fast lead times mean that you can have your pallet boxes within a week of ordering them in exactly the right size for your application.


We have access to a range of pallets in euro and standard sizes, meaning there are no "pallet with box" or "box on pallet" situations that we can't handle! These can be new or second hand, 2 way or 4 way, heat treated or standard. In addition, the sleeve cap and tray pallet boxes can be supplied nailed to the pallets, which makes for easy assembly.

Maximizing Efficiency with Boxes for Pallets

Our dedicated range of "boxes for pallets" is specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of your logistics and storage solutions. Whether you are shipping small components or large, bulky items, our boxes are tailored to fit perfectly on standard pallets, ensuring secure and stable transportation.

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